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Minor Ailments

So what is a Minor Ailment?

Minor ailments are conditions that can be self-treated with medicines available over the counter from your local Silverfields Chemist. Silverfields Chemist is actively involved in the Minor Ailments scheme.

What is a Minor Ailment Scheme?

Compliance Aid

It is so important that patients can get into the boxes and bottles that medicines are dispensed into. The problem sometimes is that there are so many medicines to take and sometimes patients can forget what they have taken or forget to take them all together. Compliance packaging can alleviate many of these issues.

Our multi-dose compliance aids are designed as a weekly blister pack, divided into days of the week with several compartments per day to allow for different timing of doses such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime.

Flu Virus protection

Everyone around you sniffling and sneezing? Take heart, there’s still time for prevention!

Emergency Contraception

Silverfields Chemist offer confidentially advice and support relating to emergency contraception and pregnancy control.

Emergency hormonal contraception, also called “the morning after pill”, is available from our pharmacy with or without a doctor’s prescription.

For further information please download the PDF fact sheet below. For an emergency please drop into one of our chemists for a discreet service or email us using the form opposite.

Quit Smoking

Do you want to stop smoking?

Many smokers continue smoking not through free choice but because they are addicted to cigarettes. A large part of this addiction arises from dependence on the nicotine delivered rapidly to the brain with each inhalation.

Beneficial health changes when you stop smoking